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Friday, May 14, 2010

Officer's uniforms fabrics: Gamarra

It was a hot day today and being at the biggest textile emporium in Peru (Gamarra) was simply a task not easily enjoyable: so many people, being on the lookout for thieves and pickpockets, etc; but it was finally time to go and buy more fabrics to make the officer's uniforms. Making 40 of them at full detail has showed to be not only exciting but pricey. It was a good thing though that Maria Medina knew all the places to go to where the best prices were offered. Being an expert herself makes her know all in this field.

Didn't know the buttons (those metal ones with the Peruvian and Chilean insignia) are not available for the public but on authorized dealers only. It was a surprise. Chose then to pick ones that have similar insignias in it but they are expensive as hell. I'm going another route as I have other options.

Then went to meet the wardrobe makers at Rimac district to show them how I want the soldiers uniforms to be with details. The cost was around what I expected.
It certainly was a long day.

Going back to Rimac tomorrow to finish uniform-making details.