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Friday, August 20, 2010

A word to all readers / Una palabra para los lectores

I would like to say this to all readers of my blog.

First of all I would like to say thank you. Thank you for being interested in my work and in my progress about my dreams and rants here and there spread all over the page.

As you may have noticed -if you have followed me since some years ago- my blog lately for the past 11 months have been about my film project that I'm about to begin in some weeks: the Battle of Arica.

Many that know me personally and have worked close with me in other projects for the past 6 years know my intention of making a film of this theme for quite some time now. It is not an improvised project nor is it a reply to any other film. It is solely a project of mine coming true at this specific time.

Having this clear, for all readers here in Peru as also in Chile (which I now know are reading this too and some even write nice letters to my inbox), I want to say these statements to all others who might wonder a few things. Here are the facts to know:

- This film is a personal project and it was began as a personal dream.
- This film is not sponsored, nor promoted by any government institution. It is totally an independent film production of mine and my audiovisual company.
- This film is not funded by any government or private institution. I am funding it with my own money and savings.
- This film is based on historical facts that really happened and that I have researched with fellow historians and people interested in history here in Peru and in Chile as also in my own personal research for the past 6 years to make it as accurate as possible, be it in facts and also in uniform making.
- This film is intended to show the HUMAN side of all the people involved in the battle of Arica. All those human beings that defended their land and ideas of the time and fought for them. Actions that eventually made them heroes of their own country. It is not to promote hate nor spoil any relations we have as fellow countries. I know it has been a difficult time for us both since 130 years ago but I am just making this film because I love history and I love bravery...be it from my own country or another. It doesnt matter to me from where. I get excited watching films like Braveheart, Spartaco, Glory or Gettysburg. I'm not from the US or from England where those ones are based on, but I love those movies and how people gave their lives to defend their ideals. Peru and Chile made what they believed in and normal people did brave things that eventually made them heroes.

I say this statements because it is important to know that even thought a war is a sensitive subject, it is not done by any government or anyone involved with them nor is it done with any intention to promote more war or things like that. It is just made because of reasons stated above and made by a normal citizen like me who as a citizen has a right to do his/her own dream.

I just had a phone talk with a friend of mine in Chile (in Arica) that I visited a few years ago while doing my research. He is excited to know that what was just plain talks back then in 2005, now -years later- is a reality.

So again...for all the readers out there who don't know more personal details of my project, this is what pushed me, just plain and simple: a dream of mine coming true about heroic events of our nation.

Because it is only human what people do every day to make a living, but it's divine what people do to defend life in general, even at their own life risk like policemen, firefighters or the normal guy/girl out there that does outstanding things. And that is what turns normal people into heroes.

A warm salute to all my fellow friends in Chile and in Peru.


Lic. Julio Carrasco Rosado said...

Animos en la pelicula


Juan Carlos Oganes said...

Muchas gracias por los deseos y animos, Julio. Exitos en lo suyo por igual.