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Monday, February 14, 2011

Casa Hacienda

It is being somewhat demanding the "hacienda" search. The one I was gonna film at in Surco isn't fitting the requirements of the movie anymore.

After finishing the last set of scenes at the Casona downtown, started looking for alternate haciendas that could work as one closest to the one in Arica back in 1880. Looked all over the city but many were already transformed into "countryside-outback style" restaurants, or simply in ruins so I had to go as far as the valley of Lurin and Pachacamac and...nothing quite close to the thing I had in mind. Now, for the past few days -after researching more over the internet- I took a spontaneous trip south to Cañete and beyond. Visited the Montalvan, Arona and Unanue haciendas. Beautiful ones in the middle of the valley kinda way out of that southern town and far from civilization to say the least. Remains of what seemed like a bountiful era of crops and commerce.

In the end, the one in Chorrillos here seems to be the place that I'll finally take to shoot the hacienda scenes. Interiors is at another location for this one is simply too modern.

Time and the city's growth seem to alter not only our historical buildings but also it's legacy. All of what once were "chacras" and crop lands were slowly digested and annexed into what is Lima now....a huge urban metropolis of almost 10 million people.
I simply don't like that.