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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Advances and progress

Been days of much stress and activity here and there.
Apart from stopping filming for a couple weeks to put all efforts into more uniforms making, meetings to prepare the grounds for sponsors to come in advance as filming reaches almost 70% of completion.
Already had a meeting at the TV station to show the progress and screen captures of the film.
I have to say that I'm happy the station is happy to see the results so far.

Let's see what happens. I'm very expectant here. Stress is high.

Also been to another workshop to do some maintenance to my camera and accessories. Found a lot of dust in tight corners and tightened some bolts here and there as well as the french flags and support rails. I cut them off a bit shorter at the back as I found it hitting the jib-arm crane extension when doing low angles. Couldn't pan past a certain point.

Meanwhile, we were all been doing more Bolivian uniforms and delegated it to one of the extras to paint the forearms and necks. Cesar, as a pro painter, did an awesome job painting the arms and necks I had the main body of the uniforms sent to a laundry company to have them dyed to the color I specified and telling Cesar how to paint just the forearms and necks. Also, Cesar's cousin Christian, is a good craftsman in wood and metal so I commissioned him to make a decent looking telegraph out of a picture found on the net. The results are seen here. I like it much, just need to age it a bit to look make it look used. As stated before, it's not a museum replica....just a prop made to look good on camera.