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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tight schedules

These last days have been quite of a rush actually trying to catch up with time lost after some incident that happened two months ago that delayed production somewhat. Now, with the matter almost resolved, filming days are packed and filled with as much work as possible. Not only health problems are still here but also the stress level has increased, blocking and boggling my brain several times during the day. It has been already three times in the past two weeks that I've felt like fainting during filming and I've only told production staff not to make it too obvious on the actors and extras. Wish I had time for rest and prolonged sleep.

We filmed desert attack scenes and also more takes on the Arica siege. Actor and old time friend Manuel Guerrero who portrays soldier Porras was brought from Brazil for a few days in order to finish up his scenes. Five days packed to the full to take advantage of his presence here and the costs of bringing him back from his Masters Degree he is doing in the neighbor country next to us. Had a body double played by one of the extras do his dieing scenes while re-filming pick up shots as the last day sunlight was fading away as it began to turn dark.

The curious anecdote was waiting for almost two hours for a bunch of vultures to stop at a precise area in the cornice of an old building so we could make them flee as we made some round rifle shots to scare them away to include in the film. The darn birds weren't cooperating only until the last minute when available light was starting to go down. Lucky for us, the long awaited event happened and I got my shot. Felt like Discovery Channel cameraman waiting for a snake or tiger to mate or something.

Whenever I have time I'll drop by the doctors office. I truly don't have a head for nothing else....Too much on my plate already.