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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vavasseur and Parrot cannons construction

After some days of shuffling the idea and doing some budgeting, decided to build from scratch two cannons to take and place at the top of the Morro Solar to be the artillery pointing at the ocean under Guillermo More's command: a huge 250 lbs. Vavasseur and a big 100 lbs. Parrot cannons.

Went today to show the carpenters some designs I was drawing and pictures I gathered around of the existing ones today in museums. It will be up to real scale so they will end up being huge. The tricky part will be to make them be easily disassembled to transport it all the way to the top of the Morro Solar and assemble them there and back.

I'll be dropping by the workshop often to supervise construction as those cannons are antique now and avoid construction errors regarding design.


Álvaro Heredia Cruz said...

Awesome!! muy ambicioso juan carlos ¿los cañones soportaran salvas? espero con ansias ver el resultado :)

Álvaro Heredia Cruz said...

Awesome!!! muy ambicioso Juan Carlos ¿esas replicas soportaran salvas? ¡ya quiero ver esos cañones!

Juan Carlos Oganes said...

Hola Alvaro. El plan es que se le pueda poner alguna carga falsa para simular el disparo aparte de colocarlo por computadora también.