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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Preparing the run aground of the Independencia scene

It's Tuesday 26 and getting ready the scenario and set for the run aground of the peruvian Independencia ship. The scene involves ocean water flooding and fire plus explosions inside the armored ship because of the bombing happening outside. It also involves fire shooting of the sailors desperately trying to control the damage caused by underwater rocks. Navy officer Guillermo More is
in command (played by my actor friend Manuel Rojas) ordering black sailors aboard.
It is to be the flashback memories of him during his explanation to Bolognesi's question about it in front of Ugarte and Inclan the night before the Arica morro siege.

We will be also filming in the San Lorenzo island because of the clear waters surrounding it that would allow me to film underwater as the Peruvian sailors are shot to death by enemy fire.

Such a dangerous and delicate scene but happy that the Navy will help me with transportation to the island and also with the use of old ship metal shell inner casing so I can destroy it and open holes in the walls to allow for the water pumps to shoot pressured sea water in it.

The rest is just good acting and camera moves.

On monday I'll be doing some tests for fire control, lighting, how big the explosions would have to be and how much heat build-up will happen inside. Lenses would get really foggy and also my camera handles at least 50 Celsious and I don't want it to melt during filming!!

Let's see what happens. I'm very excited to shoot this scene!!