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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good news: Navy is in

Happy again for I got good news to share.

As many who follow my blog would know, last year I also contacted the Navy for support by supplying ships that still kept the look and feel of 19th century. It wasn't much but initially they said yes but backed away in the end. It definitely was the opinion of someone in the higher spheres of the Institution that didn't get it. Decided to drop the issue right there.

But that was last year before I even started filming. This new year, some friends insisted that I rekindled talks with them as it is now new people who make the decisions. So I did and made a stop while filming to met with officers in the Navy headquarters a couple months ago.
Today, I just got in my hands a formal document stating they do like my project and mission and are deciding to support me.

Sometimes, good things come late...but they come.
I am glad that I can add now the Navy in my list of helpers and supporters. Regardless of being a personal project or a personal dream, I consider this film to be important also for the nation so having the ones who are in a way supposed to help jumping on the wagon, quite something to be happy about.