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Monday, November 21, 2011

Reviewing footage on a free day

Resting for the day sleeping eleven hours straight. Two days of continuous filming with only two hours of sleep isn't the healthiest of things but if I don't push things forward, who else will? The price of being independent in the film industry: freedom of creativity-lack of rest.

Was falling asleep driving myself home last night. Not a good sign, I guess.

Bolognesi and More atop Alejandro Mac Lean's house.

Rehearsing the lines with actors.

Applying prosthetic and make up for soldiers

Peruvian soldiers resting in the trenches of the Ciudadela fort.
Slowly, things are getting in shape. Watching how many scenes I'm away from finishing can be overwhelming but entering finally the last part can be also exciting. 30% more and I finish it all.