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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Building progress

Taking measurements of a real Voruz 68 lb cannon at the Navy School in Callao.
Also checked the progress of the Cochrane battleship and the Parrot cannon making. It is rigid and sturdy, very needed when handling it around during filming.

Again....so far, so good. Just imagining in my head how it will end looking like.

And also, once again I say to all people who are used to see replicas of ships and guns or uniforms for museums: In film it is not what is good but what LOOKS good for the camera.

The pillboxes.

Stairs for the commander bridge.

Cochrane from the front

A cannon
How the body of the Parrot will form its shape.
With Alejandro checking the Parrot structure.

68 lbs Voruz cannon.

Taking measurements.