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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The "Ciudadela" cannon trenches

These days have been of exhausting labor: building trenches and sandbags under this hot sun that still doesn't go away (even though it's bothersome sometimes I still need it for continuity reasons) and burns like crazy.

Meanwhile, at the workshop, the Parrot and Voruz cannons are being finished to the very last details. Will post more pics soon. Here below it's just one from Alejandro's camera at the workshop.

The 150 lbs Parrot cannon.
Glad it's all progressing along well. After doing hard labor for the film for almost a year and a half it is quite tiresome now, but glad to know these are practically the final scenes that require this type of work under the sun. Others will be in a more controlled environment. The Police is helping along and the guys are good.

Glad to have a good working crew team. Bless their hearts.

Bought some old wood for the trench's floor.

Testing camera angles with my crane.

Ale and Cesar. Good crew team at work.

The best friend there is.
Trench view at night from the front.
Finishing at night.