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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wooden barrels and life at the valley

This weekend, this long holiday for us (it's Labor's Day on Tuesday and the government has declared labor-free Monday too) has been on a deep frantic search for wooden barrels all over Pachacamac and the "haciendas" in the valley. Found some but they are either not for sale or simply too expensive (they think im gonna use it as an adornment for it's quite common here in the wine areas and liqueur businesses.

We found ourselves driving from Pachacamac's main plaza and the old part of Surco district where in both places there was a big fair, just like in province.

I so love province and the coast towns. Their food, their customs, their party mood and their "small town" feeling inot it where the "neighborhood" sensation and coziness is quite stronger than in the urban parts of the city where not even ur neighbors are your friends. Even old customs from way ago are kept and "grandma's recipes" are passed from generation to generation. I see old women leading their younger daughters and sons the proper way of cooking anticuchos and picarones, cuy, fresh cheese and toasted corn....so delicious. And the wines and piscos....good for get-togethers and friendly time. Just stopped to eat some in Pachacamac's main plaza but not in Surco where the party was bigger. Was just looking for more wooden barrels as there are wineries all over there. Found many, but some were too big or too expensive to buy. I could get thre or four but at that price and just for looks and scenography...mmm...not quite a practical expense.

Cutting the round wood parts that give structure support.

Gustavo sandpapering.

After wetting the long wood panels, they are given the curve shape.

Cesar nailing the panels to the round structures.

Almost done before applying painting and finishing.

One interesting fact I was told is about a house where general Baquedano used to sleep and decide war tactics with his staff before invading Lima. I looked around for the house but sadly it's been demolished for the past 10 years or so and only a wall with ads was surrounding it protects the empty lot. I wonder what in their crazy minds would the owners be thinking for doing this atrocity.

Finally at the end of the day, went to the workshop to see the progress of a more homemade wooden barrel; small ones for the santabarbara. So far it looks promising and with some paint and finishing touches it will end up looking good.

So tomorrow, carpenter time!

Too big of a barrel but beautiful.

Pachacamac's pergola at the main plaza. Baquedano saw it standing there also.

The church.

Delicious picarones.

Making wooden barrels the hommade way.