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Friday, May 25, 2012

This week's work in screen capture photos

Found an internet signal to connect to while on location!
Here cellphone signal is very weak and even activating 3G on my phone doesn't give it enough power to get or receive calls so no wonder my laptop has a hard time finding any signal around these hills and deserts.

Yesterday, an accident happened that made me stop filming for the day and had to replan shooting schedule for the next days until the problem is solved. Seems like it will next week.

Here are a few screen captures of the scenes I've been filming.
Very happy with the results.

Staying to sleep on location is allowing us to work quicker. The extras are really helpfull and ready. Quite a relief and a Godsend attitude when I have to handle hundreds.

Got a call from a TV show covering historic themes and they want an interview now that June 7 (Arica's final battle) is approaching. We tried to settle a date but we don't coincide so sadly I had to say no. Can't cancel filming sessions. We are very delayed already.

Anyway....here's the result of this week's work so far.

Screen capture: Attack to the Ciudadela.

Screen capture: Artillery.

Screen capture: Soldiers at the Ciudadela trenches.

Screen capture: Fire!

Screen capture: The powder barrels.

Screen capture: Chilean officers Col. Lagos and Gen. Baquedano.

Screen capture: Gen. Baquedano at his tent.

Screen capture: Commander Ramon Zavala.

Screen capture: Brave battle.