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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting close to final scenes north of Lima.

Been in talks about the "Infiernillo" TV pilot filmed recently. Glad it has gathered a lot of attention for its form and quality that differs from what is usually shown here on national television. The point is to elevate the standards and offer entertainment but with similar quality as north american series have. Working to have negotiations closed and positive.

Now restarting filming sessions for Gloria del Pacifico and the final week for all scenes to be shot here in this location. Facing dilemmas again regarding police personnel that helps with massive scenes as they are already starting to rehearse for July 28 (Independence Day) so schedules are becoming hard to complete. Filming these days scenes that require few to no soldiers and the good old extras are here to help but it's worry some for I still have scenes that require hundreds.

Working hard on it...but glad to know I'm close to finishing in this location.
Filming today in a few. This internet usb device connection is extremely slow here. Takes way too long to load a page (if ever). Not even cell signal here.

Good people liking what they do here.

Lagos and Baquedano.

Applying adornments to Baquedano's uniform jacket.