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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rosa Vernal y Timotea Vernal wardrobe tests

Getting close to finishing the film's battle scenes and about to start the civil parts. What I mean by saying this is that I left all civilian scenes for last as filming and not filming with the army cools up relations with them and to rekindle ties is such a hassle, specially with such an unstable thing that is the government regarding people's positions or their time in office. A sudden move in politics and bam!!...they are off their office without warning and a new guy comes in. And then I have to start talks again and again.....delaying my schedule and being at the mercy of the new guy wills and moods.

Here we are testing and make measurements for Alfonso Ugarte's mother and also his fiancé (who happened to be his cousin): Rosa and Timotea Vernal respectively.

First tests showed some retouches here and there are needed and made sure the fabrics used were fine and real (not party costume like as some production like to use).

So far, so good.

Paloma as Timotea Vernal being measured.
Lilian as Rosa Vernal being measured.

First tests.

Looking good so far. The bright yellowish/green will be replaced.

Fits good.