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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vicente and Juan Diego's final scenes

Wrapping up the last parts of the war survivor scenes with Reynaldo, Pold and Flor de Maria. I am greatful to Raul Zambrano and family for lending his beautiful turn-of-the-century house for the shots. This is the third time with Pold, fourth time with Reynaldo and first with Flor de Maria. Pleasure working with them. Always nailing it.

This time we finally used that old trunk I bought at the Surquillo antique/flea market back in 2011. While looking for old stuff for these scenes I stumbled across the trunk and saw it as a perfect prop for Vicente's memories placement. Beautiful one. Pricey but worth every cent. At the cachina I got myself after much searching some very old newspapers dating from the very early years of the XX century up until 1929, specially the ones that talked about the Plebiscito, the Tacna and Arica situation and the "chilenización" that took place in those decades after the war.

Beautiful old trunk. Perfect for Vicente's memories.
Newspapers from the Tacna captivity decades. This dates to 1911.
A thorough search worth every penny.
After two and half weeks staying there and being close to all those amazing places that Barranco offers is such a gorgeous experience, specially knowing it was a war zone back in early 1881. Much of the houses similar to this one were burnt down in the big fire after the Lima siege. Raul lives there almost since he was born in the late 60's but his family lived there even longer and he was telling us all those stories his grandfather said about the house and the backyard specially. The backyard consists of a wooden pergola surrounded by dry old soil covered with fallen leaves that drop from creepy looking fig trees. We were all waiting at night when there was time for some relax and beers for some gnomes to appear as the tales go. Funny stuff. His grandfather also mentioned something about a big hole in the back where many old rifles and tunnels connecting to the side houses were found during some gardening many decades ago. The rifles were from the war and were put there with silverware and precious stuff the owners hid as the chilean soldiers ransacked it all.
Being an old neighborhood, Barranco is not only a sight to see but also a plethora of stories and old tales from the war.

Coming home now. Feeling a bit stuffy and have runny nose. Seems like a big cold is about to come.

Flor de Maria's makeup session.

Script walk-thru.

Juan Diego and his mother.

Scene check up.

Panoramic view.

Vicente's wife. An old "rabona".
Final day at 4:09am. A full day and a half film session.