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Monday, December 9, 2013


9:30 PM By Juan Carlos Oganes

Reaching the end of 2013 in a few weeks and I'm getting close to the ending of the post-production process. Still a few months away from it but since April 2013, the act of being here sitting everyday in front of the computer is paying its toll on me. The carpal tunnel syndrome is kicking in I guess for my wrist and forearm feels quite stressed and like if a nerve is being pressed inside. Not to mention the eye strain  and headache. Still a few things need to be covered and help was coming my way from a person I believed in which offered support. A heaven-sent support which truly made me happy and calm but, in the end I guess it was all just talk for the person just disappeared without any explanation. All support is welcome but only destiny shows who's who in life and I feel its very wrong that a person plays with one's hopes and needs in these times of known stress. Sad but that's life.

But still, this is something I fought for for years and without much support it's all progressing. Slower perhaps than I expected but God above provides sooner or later. Total believer on that. I just hope its soon. After 4 years, its truly physically draining but its a goal I have placed on me and it will develop fine.