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Friday, January 10, 2014

Gloria del Pacifico film score sessions

A new year. A new set of 365 days to do much more for everyone and for oneself. Family time was interrupted by a slight swell in the throat only to develop in a full flu near new year's eve. Just coming out of this nasty illness today.

Today was the 5th day of Gloria del Pacifico's film score recording sessions. Micky Tejada's music captures close emotions to what I want to portray in the film. Sometimes it takes time for a musician to understand you but he was quick to pick up what was needed. Specially now that time is truly a matter. Really need to rush this out and finish the film post-production process for the music was the last thing that was holding me back.

After first recordings of timbale drums and percussion, tuba and trombone sessions were covered today. Hot in here like hell but the sound was super cool. We are simply doubling certain parts to make them sound like a full orchestra (overdubs) because budget doesn't allow contracting 120 musicians at the same time. Done overdubs back in the 90's when I used to record my rock band Alter Ego so this isn't new but quite a familiar technique.

I'm very excited about how all is developing. Can't wait to see this finally done and mixed with the film's images.