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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cubano, the videoclip

Shooting the videoclip has been awesome. Great people and hilarious Cheito Quiñones. Also the Arturo and Patty Lavalle, mexican producers and professional people I loved working with.
I also met Alain Pastrana, author and mastermind of all these. Great gentle guy. He wrote that song as a tribute to his fellow cuban countrymen. His new single called "Cubano" talks about the struggle cubans go thru in search for a new and better life outside the island. The shooting was very curious as we were form many different countries all together in one single production.
We all know Miami is more latin than american (actually, we are americans too...I personally don't know who decided to call citizens of the United States americans when americans are all who live in the American continent, all inlcuding central and south america....but well, that's another topic). The different accents all around was the funny thing: light technicians and the gaffer were mexicans, the grip was from Dominican Republic, the producers were from Mexico, the drummer and guitarists were from Cuba and Cheito is from Puerto Rico.

We got to shoot three versions in the end (came out as a surprise for me actually): the salsa version, the reggaeton one making a duo with Joselito and a rap version with Knight. The official one is the salsa version to be promoted as a single.

I then took the material to Nebraska for editing and finished the post-production back in Lima applying our Proceso Cinemático Digital.

Here is the final video and below the behind-the-scenes.

Alain Band - "Cubano"

ALAIN BAND - "Cubano" from Juan Carlos Oganes on Vimeo.

Cubano - Behind the scenes