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Monday, January 25, 2010

TV station meeting

Meeting went awesome!

I set up a meeting with the Programing Manager of the TV station and -as he stated over the phone- he was pretty interested.
I told the army about the meeting so they could come too and see for themselves that all is getting more serious.

The next step is to meet with the General Manager to secure airing once my film is done and to talk publicity and budget terms.
So far, the manager states that there is no problem and can assure it's a go.
That gives me peace but I'd like this last meeting with the General Manager and then with the army to have the green light and their support for what I'm only asking for them.

This delay is affecting me really for I can't assure precise filming dates to the cats and crew.
If God allows me, filming time will be in April but I still have a lot to do after the army gives their support.

They asked me to do a long summary about all the details I will cover in my film script and send it to the Army History Commission for their review.

One curious thing was that when I got to the station, I recognized an old friend of mine from my school years working as security for the building. He is from my same class and it was such a surprise!
What a small world this is! We chat for a bit and it was good to see him there. "Anything you want just let me know" -he said.

That's what good friends are for. :)