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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hacienda Buena Vista

After a difficult day filled with delays in rifles delivery we finally shot yesterday Sunday the scenes where Weguelin arrives at his country house hacienda Buena Vista. where he was lodging the chilean headquarters. The horse was somewhat adamant in pulling the chariot at first (was a bit heavy for him) but then after the persuasion of a few carrots ( lol), he agreed to cooperate.

Sun was perfect, weather was nice and all was covered nicely and ready for the next shots tto be filmed there soon. I simply love the Quinta Hereen. I was thinking out loud if that place could be transformed into a movie set for films that require it. The place is simply beautiful. Just a bit uncared for.

First scenes with renowned actor Igor Calvo. I have to say that I am very happy with his performance and overall professional attitude. Very helpful and very supportive. Definetly someone I can also call a friend. His demeanor truly states someone who has learned about life and comprehends things that make it happen. A very positive energy.

A gentleman indeed.

Tonight: 9pm rehearsal with Mac Lennan, Sarmiento and Calvo and go over their scenes. Last saturday, we had one and noticed some chilean accent practice is needed. I want that scene to be perfect accent wise and script wise. Keeping accent and remembering their lines is what Id like to flow seamlessly.