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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter film sessions

Easter: time for introspection and deep thought for us Catholics. I personally have to thank Jesus for helping me up pull thru much of the hurdles I'm going thru these months of my life. I know for some this statement may sound cheesy but to those who actually believe -like me- they know what I'm talking about. Many have packed their bags and gone driving or camping out of town and touring all over Peru as it's the custom here while others stayed at home, eat just fish, watch religious movies like "The Robe", "King of Kings", "Ben-Hur" among others and visit churches for the special mass. Since my first memories of life, I recall hearing the lines and music of these movies and how they stick in ones head forever. In fact, as I blog about this, I can still hear the TV in the other room and listen to those AM, mono dull sound typical of those old time features and their magnificent music form the golden era of Hollywood. Ben Hur with it's large scale and scope...simply amazing.

Anyway, days ago I told the extras that I was filming this weekend and asked who was up for it. Happy to know most of them were. Did some pick-up shots to be included in my film. Lat time didn't have the chance to do it on time as the sun was just hiding behind the nearby mountains.

I told each one that it would be very enduring and tiresome but I guess they didn't think it was gonna be that much. But it was....Surprise!

Guys, are you still aching from this past weekend's shots? Perhaps now you have a better idea on how our good soldiers endured face-to-face charge battle scenes.
It was a good day. :)

Working on the first teaser-trailer now. Will be released in a few days.
The official trailer will be done once I have the whole 100% filmed. So far we are at 70%.


Cine Digital, Fotografía y Video publicitario said...

Un gran trabajo y muy sacrificado... felicitaciones a todos!!!