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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Soon...my film's first teaser-trailer! (+ update)

This darn headache is totally making me lose precious time.
I'm almost done making the first teaser-trailer for my film and putting together all the footage available up until now. Right now I'm in the process of color-correction, timing, sound mixing sweetening and of course title design.

We are 70% done already and the scenes to be shot soon are the siege of the Morro de Arica top, Bolognesi's death and the full Batalla del Alto del Alianza (only shot some scenes of that last year already) and then off to Tacna and province for additional scenes.

Too many hours per day in front of this darn screen is really spoiling my eyes (even with screen protectors) so I hope to finish this thing soon.

Recorded a voice-over myself for it. I've done some for certain documentaries and I hear it fine but I guess I'll consider using one of the actor's who's also a voice-over talent.

So...soon the first teaser-trailer, people!!

UPDATE: After thorough thought I've decided to post pone the release of the first teaser trailer and await the right time. This is a totally independent film and I'd like to avoid any use of it outside of the real historical and patriotic purpose that it holds and which I have maintained for the entire time. It's just a matter of some weeks' waiting only. Art and historical facts together with respect should always be considered. I know I do.