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Monday, February 20, 2012

Last days at the morro

Been quite silent for a few weeks for a few reasons: releasing stress, preparing the last scenes at the morro (meetings and coordinations) and also some damn tooth ache that almost killed me! Lol

Finally, these week is the last one at the morro. It has been quite a ride, full of adrenaline, extreme weather changes, dilemmas but above all, quite amazing takes, scenes and performances by the whole cast and crew. I'm very proud for it.

As I look at the pictures and recall all the countless issues that had to be passed to make it happen I can't help it but to enter in deep though. Thought and reflection on perseverance. Like when studying at theater school, my tutors -having a strong japanese discipline- took us while doing physical training, to the the most extremes levels of endurance. We were all skinny during those crazy years for so much sweating and exercise. It was like being in the army. Could not complain but follow indications or u were out. That form of discipline forms character and a certain mystic and respect for your work. There came moments when you couldn't take it anymore and you were about to throw the towel. But if u kept pushing it further you passed a certain type of "threshold" and then....you felt nothing but became the stamina itself. The power itself, the "will" itself.

I guess this is what comes to my mind when I see no stop to all the huge hurdles that we all go thru. Perhaps we pass the "threshold" of endurance against odds and become the endurance itself. Thats why I'm very thankful to all the people involved who put trust and their own endurance and will with me to push this thing forward.

Now again...going up to the top of the morro for last time. Next stop: Ancón deserts for the Alto del Alianza battle scenes (the following scenes to what has been filmed there half a year ago).

Weather is ok. Lots of sun but with a huge smile on my face. :)

With the real heroes :)

Last day at the morro. Watching the sunset.

The hand of God reminding me to keep pushing along.