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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Laundry days - Preparing for Ancon scenes

Yesterday and today has been pretty busy days coordinating filming sessions that will happen in Ancón.

Tuesday afternoon we went up to the top of the morro to pick up my stuff (uniforms, canons, equipment, etc) and to destiny -as always- likes to play games: the truck I asked from the army had a malfunction half way up the steep road. But so it seemed. They later sent a mechanic only to discover that it wasnt a malfunction but simply lack of experience of the driver. We finally reached the top and picked up my stuff and came down a few hours later, reaching the place where we are keeping my stuff before taking it to Ancon) at night.

Today has been laundry day. Because new extras are gonna be using the uniforms, we think it is now time for laundry. Starting in mid November 2010, all garments have gathered fake (and real) blood stains, dirt, soil and lots of sweat, making many simply unwearable. So, just a decent wash is in order to take out the excess soil and stains and of course the smell. Starting with the Peruvian uniforms, we did the first hundred or so today. Tomorrow the rest and then on to the Chilean ones.

The idea is to just take off the excess but still keep the dirty look. They are in war time so no cleanliness is expected.

Lucky to have the best team :)

We practically do it all.

Year old stains. Hard to get rid of.