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Friday, March 9, 2012

Ancon battle scenes soon

Getting all ready for the Ancon battle scenes. Being the last large battle scenes to be filmed, pre-production for them is taking a bit longer than usual. Somewhere between 400 to 500 extras plus horses and riders are gonna be used. Seems like I'm going to bring horsemen from another place for I checked on them yesterday and they weren't quite as experienced (and bold) as I want them to be. I understand how much care a horse needs to have but I wish there were riders like the bold ones at Hollywood in the old western movies. Those guys really knew how to make the falls look dangerous and real!

I guess when a film industry actually develops here, a company will appear that provides trained horses and horsemen capable of stunts and dangerous moves.

Like a close friend said: You are pushing the envelope here so far.


El gato del rock said...

conozco ese sitio es por el SHANGRILLA.